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Don't fall for a homes beautiful decor .. it could be trick 

Posted on Oct 18, 2021

It's easy to be wow'd by beautiful home staging and beautiful decor. More often than not it just simply helps you admire how much potential the home has when finished and decorated with the right size furniture, minimal clutter, and with the current design trends. Home staging can however lead you to make an emotional decision and distract you from...

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5 Common Home Selling Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on Sep 21, 2021

Don't make these mistakes! You worked hard for your home and investment and deserve the best return on investment possible.  Let me guide you through the process to make sure that happens!

Contact me here today to get started.

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Burnaby mountain housing market prices soften but too early to tell if a trend

Posted on Sep 09, 2021

For the first time in 11 months the HPI price index for properties on SFU has softened.

The price index has been risng since September 2020 as home sales have struggled to keep up with demand and have outpaced housing supply.

Its' still to early to tell if this is temporary summer blip in the rising trend but it may indicate the beginning of a cooli...

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Fairview prices soften in August but low inventory a challenge for buyers

Posted on Sep 08, 2021

Fairview has been one of Vancouver's hottest real estate markets in the last year but appears to be cooling. How do we know? In August inventory, sales, and the HPI price index all dipped when compared to July. It's till too early to know if this is a temporary trend and some price ranges remain very competitive for buyers despite the overall trend...

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Downtown condo sales rise again as inventory dips further in August

Posted on Sep 07, 2021

In August the downtown Vancouver condo and townhouse market saw inventory decrease for the second consecutive month, sales rise for the second consecutive month, and price's rise again after July's decrease.

The most active part of the downtown market was for homes between $500K to $600K, and the weakest for homes between $3M to $3.5M.

Historically t...

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Townhomes sales continue to dominate the SFU market in August

Posted on Sep 04, 2021

In August the Burnaby Mountain/ SFU housing market saw inventory decrease, while sales and prices increased compared to July.

Properties with 3 bedrooms, especially townhomes in the neighbourhood, remain the most sought after and are selling in the shortest time. These homes have been limited in supply so typically go into bidding wars and sell wel...

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