Homebuyers are on the hunt for Burnaby mountain townhomes 

SFU townhome

Townhouses are in demand across Greater Vancouver and Burnaby Mountain/SFU is no exception.  As single family home prices skyrocketed in 2020 and affordability decreased buyers turned their attention to next best option which are townhomes.   Homes for sale on Burnaby mountain have historically been considered more affordable than in surrounding areas, partially due to the fact they are on leasehold land.  Since November 2020 this affordability has been eroding quickly as demand has surged and the HPI price index for SFU townhomes has been rising as seen in the graph above.  Townhomes on Burnaby mountain provide homeowners with a lifestyle ideal for families or people looking for better separation in their living space.  As more and more families discover the appeal of living on Burnaby Mountain this is demand by home buyers is unlikely to change. 

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