Kits & Fairview remain hot spots in May as sales rise across Vancouver's Westside

The COVID 19 pandemic has done little to slow down Kitsilano and Fairview's real estate markets in recent month's as they remain favourable selling conditions. May remained very competitive for buyers looking for homes in those neighbourhoods under $800K. To read the full report for Kitsilano click here, for the Fairview report click here.  

Despite these hotspots in Kitsilano and Fairview, some Westside neighbourhoods despite seeing a rebound in sales in May experienced downwards pressure on benchmark pricing. Unlike the Westside, Vancouver's Eastside condo market experienced upwards pressure on benchmark pricing.

The BIGGER picture

Here’s the breakdown for condo’s & town homes on Vancouver’s Westside in May:

• Overall a balanced market at 15% list to sales ratio, up from 12% in April (a 1.5 out of 10 selling rate)
• The most active price range was for homes priced between $400k-$600K.
• Homes are selling on average at 2% of list price (unchanged).
• Buyer’s Best Bet: Homes between $1.75M to $2M, Kerrisdale, and 3 bedroom properties.
• Seller’s Best Bet: Selling Homes in Kitsilano, Fairview, and up to 1 bedroom properties

In May this year condo and townhouse inventory rose by 14%, sale prices decreased by 10%, while total sales increased by 45% when compared to April. 

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