Elderly Move Planning: Tips, Tricks, & Secrets for Seniors

Are you planning to move but feel like you’ve missed the chance to do so? Moving to a different place is never too late. As a senior, you just need to take extra precautions. 

In this article, we’ll discuss different reasons why seniors would decide to move to a separate area. We’ll help you make your move more manageable. We have created a guide for you from sorting your belongings to what you need to bring on the day of your move. 

When Is It Time To Move?

How can you tell when its time to move? When is the right time? You may ask these questions when contemplating moving. We’ve listed down the most common causes why seniors would move out of their homes. If you answered yes to any of the lists below, then you have the answer.

House and Yard Upkeep

You get winded after cleaning a small part of the house. You’re usually spending the better part of the day making the lawn mower work. That’s why you can’t keep up with the weekly trimming of the lawn. The day is never quite enough to do all the work you need to do around the house. 

Are these scenarios familiar? If cleaning the house or yard is taking far more time than before, then it might be time to get a new place, a smaller place.

Your valuable time is better off spent doing enjoyable hobbies, not cleaning the day away.

Vacant Rooms

When your kids reach adult age, it will be inevitable for them to move out of the house so they can lead their own lives. This will lead to more rooms getting unused but still needing cleaning. Sure, you can turn their bedrooms into storage or a place where you can do your hobbies. But think about it, in the long run, can you manage to clean all those rooms without extra hands to help?

Waste of Resources

If you’re spending a good part of your retirement on house repairs, a move to a smaller one will solve your dilemma. Even if there’s only two of you in your home, you can still rack up in utilities. So imagine how big you can save by moving. You can save for a trip to a nearby town or invest it in your next hobby.

House Is Too Big 

Is body pain a daily occurrence now? Does getting to the end of the hallway take more time than it used to before? If your answer is yes to both questions, then that only means one thing. The house is too big for you. Many people in their senior years are now choosing to live in a smaller home. In it, they don’t need to take the stairs each night to get to their rooms to rest. Nor would they have to hurry down the stairs so they can answer the door or the phone.

Far From Family

Around the time of your retirement, your kids have likely moved to a different city or state. They could be pursuing their careers or starting their own family somewhere far away. You’ve been at this stage before. You understand their need to focus on their own lives and pursue their own dreams. 
As expected, this will make their visits to you less and less.

But, you don’t have to settle for less. 

Now that you’re not bound by any time and physical restrictions, why not move closer to them instead?
 You may have memories of your kids growing up in your home, but reminiscing on your own is not fun at all. Moving closer to your family can boost your spirits, too. You can rely on them to immediately help you in times of need or in case of emergencies.  

Too Many Belongings

Do you still have that mirror you bought when you got married? Or the baby clothes of your kid who’s now starting his own family? 

If you haven’t been to your basement in a while, you’re likely going to find out you’ve accumulated a lot over the years. 
Downsizing your home will force you to downsize the belongings you can bring into it, too.

You have the option of giving them away to family or friends. If they’re not keen on taking them, try a garage sale. You’ll not only earn a few hundred bucks, but you’ll also be able to get rid of things you don’t need anymore. 

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