Downtown condo market sees decrease in inventory & prices in December 

Vancouver’s downtown condo and townhouse real estate market saw a 34% decrease in condo sales, an inventory decrease of 27%, and an decrease in sale prices of 7% in December compared to November. 

Current trends put the downtown, Yaletown, and West End markets in a “balanced” market. Coal Harbour saw the least demand in December and is in a “Buyer’s” market. 

How do we know? List to Sales Ratio 

  • A buyer’s market has a 0-12% list to sales ratio
  • A balanced market has a 12-20% list to sales ratio
  • A seller’s market has a 21% or greater list to sales ratio

Neighbourhood Breakdown

  • Downtown 15% with 234 listings and 34 sales 
  • Westend 13% with 105 listings and 14 sales
  • Yaletown 14% with 174 listings and 24 sales  
  • Coal Harbour 7% with 73 listings and 5 sales

The BIGGER picture

The overall list to sales ratio for all of Vancouver downtown was 13% in December, down from 15% in December.
Here’s the breakdown for Vancouver Downtown condos and townhomes in December:

  • The most active price range was for homes between $600k-$700K (26% sales to list ratio)
  • Homes are selling on average at 6% below list price
  • Buyer’s Best Bet: Homes between $900K to $1M, Coal Harbour and 3 bedroom properties
  • Seller’s Best Bet: Selling Homes Downtown and up to 1 bedroom properties. 

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All stats derived from Dean Wegman & SnapStats.