How Empty Nestors Can Downsize & Save

Photo via Pixabay

It took some time, but you both finally have the house to yourselves. You raised your kids well, and they’ve grown up and left your home. At first, this is a great thing. No more late night noise, and you can be yourselves again. However, you tend to miss your kids after a while. That big, empty house of yours can seem too big and empty. 

That’s why so many empty nesters are downsizing their home. Instead of spending time and money on rooms you don’t need, it makes sense to sell that house and move into one that’s smaller and easier on you. But is downsizing right for your situation? 

Finding The Right Home

Anyone can downsize, but for empty nesters, it often makes sense. There’s no need to pay the mortgage, taxes, and insurance costs for a house when you only use part of it. Before you decide to downsize, HGTV recommends exploring how you use your home’s space. Do you often host parties? Do you hate keeping everything clean? By knowing how you use your home, you can better decide whether to downsize or not. 

Once you’ve decided to downsize, you have to find a home you can afford and that’s right for you and your spouse. US News & World Report explains that you need to plan for your future in that house. As you get older, your needs will change. That’s why you want a place near quality health care with an accessible floor plan, and low maintenance requirements. 

Downsizing Your Possessions

Once you have found your new home, you have to start sorting your belongings. After all, you’re buying a smaller place. That means you won’t have room for everything you currently own, so you’ll need to declutter. has some excellent advice for empty nesters downsizing their possessions. First, take your time and go room to room. Start in your bedroom and clear out those closets. Then pick another room, and so on. While keepsakes can be treasured memories, if they’ve been sitting in a box in the attic for decades, are they really worth keeping? 

You can also ask your children to take some belongings. This keeps treasures and heirlooms in the family, but chances are, at least some of the stuff in your home is theirs anyway. Having kids remove their possessions can often free up a lot of space in your new, smaller home. 

Having A Smooth Move

You’ve decluttered as much as possible. Now, it’s time to pack and move into your new home. Moving day can be hard on anyone, but there are ways to help make it more successful. 

Consider using movers even if you feel you’re up to the task. It’s not that you cannot handle moving. It’s just that professional movers are trained, experienced, and insured. They can better handle heavy furniture and know how to move safely. You should also list important objects so you know for sure they made it through the move. 

Save By Downsizing

Empty nesters have a lot of gain from downsizing. Once you’ve found the right place, declutter before finally packing and hiring movers to carry everything between the two homes. This can save you money, effort, and even your health. 

Guest article submitted by Michael Longsdon